Caroline Kurtz, Ph.D.

Caroline Kurtz

Position Title
Research Associate

  • BS. Nutrition Science, UC Davis (1999)
  • Ph.D Nutrition, Minor Epidemiology, UC Davis (2004)
Research Interests

Dr. Kurtz completed her dissertation studying traditional pregnancy and post-partum food and nutrition-related practices of Vietnamese immigrant women in California. The focus of the research was on how traditional practices have been retained, modified or abandoned and the implication of their status. In addition to teaching cultural nutrition courses to undergraduate students at UCD, Dr. Kurtz oversees the Local Program and Priority Populations Unit of the California Tobacco Control Program with the California Department of Public Health. She applies her experience studying the Vietnamese population at the local level and statewide to exploring and guiding tobacco control interventions and policies that impact high risk populations in California who have a disproportionate burden of tobacco use.