Master of Advanced Study in Maternal and Child Nutrition

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Offered by the UC Davis Department of Nutrition, in collaboration with UC Davis Extension

During the last decade, the need for nutrition specialists in public health and maternal and child health programs has increased, along with the recognition that low birth weight, diabetes, and childhood overweight and obesity are important national health concerns. There is also an increasing demand for lactation consultants, as greater numbers of women choose to breastfeed their infants. In response, private and public health agencies have focused on improving the nutrition of mothers and children.

The UC Davis Master of Advanced Study in Maternal and Child Nutrition Program is designed to provide a strong scientific background in these topics, and to train professionals to design, implement, and evaluate nutrition intervention programs for mothers and children from a wide variety of cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds.

The Program

The program consists of three required six-unit core courses (Nutrition During Pregnancy, Lactation and Infant Nutrition, and Child and Adolescent Nutrition), six to eight units of special topics seminars, two to four units of electives, and a six-unit student project (produced in consultation with a three-member guidance committee) for a total of 36 units. Each of the core courses will comprise 10 weeks of in-class instruction twice per week for two-and-a-half hours per meeting. Classes will also include online discussion of related material and readings.

For more information please visit the UC Davis Extension website for the Master of Advanced Study in Maternal and Child Nutrition.