Steinberg chairs UC Davis Student Food Security Task Force – Final Report released


In 2015 the UC Office of the President commissioned a study that reported that up to 42% of students throughout the UC system experience high levels of food insecurity.   Food insecurity adversely impacts the health and educational success of our students.  So, in response to this report, in 2018 Chancellor Gary May appointed a UC Davis Student Food Security Task Force with professor Francene Steinberg as Chair. The task force was charged to:

  • Review existing food programs and options
  • Suggest improvements to existing programs and services
  • Make recommendations about what additional programs or options to consider implementing

Since being appointed, the task force has:

  • Gathered data from campus and other sources to inform our understanding of food insecurity and barriers to achieving food security affecting UC Davis students
  • Sought out constructive ideas on what can be done to enhance food security by conducting individual consultations with students, campus staff and leaders, and external local leaders in food security efforts
  • Conducted five focus groups of undergraduate and graduate students to learn about their experiences with food insecurity and campus resources
  • Collaborated with the Office of Student Affairs to conduct a student food security survey

The Food Security Task Force has now released an The Executive Summary and Full Report. The full Food Security Task Force Report contains a thorough review of the food security data and qualitative information that have informed their recommendations, and more details the campus should consider in implementing the recommendations.

Faculty Contact

Francene Steinberg, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair, UC Davis Nutrition Department