Robert Rucker, Ph.D.

Robert Rucker

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Departments of Nutrition and Department of Internal Medicine

3415 Meyer Hall
  • M.S. and Ph.D., Biochemistry, Purdue University
Research Interests

Dr. Rucker's research focus is on the role of nutrients in early growth and development and the physiological roles of quinone cofactors derived from tyrosine, such as pyrroloquinoline quinone.

Selected Publications

Selected past honors and activities include: President, American Society for Nutrition; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; also, American Society for Nutrition; Chair or Co-Chairperson for FASEB Summer Conferences on Micronutrients; service on Program Committees for ASN and FASEB, (e.g. planning committees for Experimental Biology meetings); Plenary Speaker at International Nutrition Congresses; service on the Executive Committees for ASN, Exp. Biol. Med. And committees for USDA, NIH and FASEB; Editorial Board service: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Nutrition, Exp. Biol. Med., Nutrition Research, Annual Reviews of Nutrition; recipient: UC Davis Medical School Oettinger Research Award, American Society for Nutritional Sciences – Bordon Research Award, Distinguished Professor Title at UC Davis (2005). He has also served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Nutrition Department or in various positions for the Graduate Group for Nutritional Sciences. His research program remains active; however, he is no longer directing new students.

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