2015 Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology Student Symposium

2015 Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology Student Symposium

The Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology (GGNB) recently held its annual Student Symposium at the Buehler Alumni Center. The GGNB Student Symposium gives students an opportunity to present their research findings at a professional meeting. Students gave presentations and attended poster sessions where they met with symposium attendees to discuss their research.

General themes covered at the symposium included:

  • International and Community Nutrition
  • Dietary Behavior and Nutrition Education
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology/Micronutrients
  • Pre-and Probiotics

Speakers included the below students:

Alex Brito

Applying metabolomics to international nutrition research: discovering new pathways and candidate

biomarkers of vitamin B12 status

Harriet Eyram Teiko Okronipa

Impact of Small-­‐Quantity Lipid-­‐based Nutrient Supplements on Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices

Eugenia Ocansey

iLiNS-­‐DYAD-­‐Ghana Preschool Pilot Study: Test selection and adaptation to assess nutritional

influences on motor, cognitive and socio-­‐emotional development of preschool children

Lizette Rodriguez

The Drought’s Effect on Food Security among Farmworkers  

Jessica Linnell

Teachers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know About Nutrition: A Case for Improving Professional Development

Danielle Cooper

Does Whole Grain Consumption Increase Satiety?  

Adrianne Widaman

Comparison of automated 24-­‐hour recall collected dietary intake to actual dietary intake in

overweight and obese women after weight loss 

Angela De Leon

Does mere exposure mediate sensitivity to bitter taste on consumer liking and acceptability of whole

grain foods?

Christina Wilcox

Selenoprotein W Inhibits the c-­‐Met Oncogene by Regulating Receptor Ubiquitination

Suangsuda Supasai

Modulation of developing transcription factor STAT3 by zinc on brain development

Lauren Brink

Regulation of iron metabolism and inflammation by supplemental lactoferrin (Lf) in pre-­‐weanling

lactoferrin receptor (LfR) knockout mice  

Eric Nonnecke

Characterizing the expression patterns and biological activity of the lactoferrin receptor (i.e.,

intelectin) using a knockout mouse model

Poster Session participants included the below students:

Allison Stevens

Effects of Chronic and Acute Grape Consumption on Gene Expression of Inflammatory Mediators in PBMC

Man Zhang

Patterns of Growth Factor Receptor Expression Correlate with Concentrations of Their Respective Growth Factors in Mouse Milk during Lactation

Bret Rust

Short Chain Fatty Acid Production and Glucose Responses by Methane Producers

Tara Rogers

Post-­‐prandial Changes in Bone Turnover after High Saturated Fat Challenge Meals


Literature Review on the Milk-­‐Oriented Microbiota


Correlation Between Asthma and Infant Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis

Joyce Tzeng

Gender specific effects of marginal maternal zinc deficiency on postnatal satiety, glucose

homeostasis and growth in the offspring. 

Lori Nguyen

Skin carotenoids correlate with plasma carotenoids and reported intake in 4th-­‐grade children

Yu-­‐Ling Huang

Gestational marginal zinc deficiency disrupts placental 11β-­‐hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2


Ziwei Wang

(-) -­-Epicatechin Mitigates High-­‐fat-­‐associated Obesity and Insulin Resistance