Peng Ji appointed Assistant Professor of Nutrition & Neurodevelopment

Peng Ji

The UC Davis Nutrition Department welcomes new faculty member, Dr. Peng Ji! Dr. Ji joins the department as an Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Neurodevelopment. Dr. Ji received his Ph.D. in animal sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and conducted postdoctoral research in the same institution with emphasis on neuroimmunology. He previously held an adjunct professor in the Department of Animal Science since 2016.

Dr. Ji's research evaluates the opportunities and the risks of nutritional factors in modulating neuronal resilience to early-life adverse events (e.g. infection and stress). The domestic piglet is used as translational model of human infants in our studies. Molecular techniques, behavioral tests, and disease-challenge models are utilized to integrate pathophysiology, neuroimmunology and cognition. In this way, they are able to evaluate how diet induced peripheral "signals" (e.g. metabolites and humoral profiles) exert their function in central nervous system during health and disease.

Contact Info

Peng Ji, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition
Office: 3145 Meyer