One World, One UC Davis - Liz Applegate

Liz Applegate
Liz Applegate

Selected for her almost 30 years of excellence in teaching in which she has reached over 50,000 students,  Liz Applegate is featured as one of the “Phenomenal Faculty” in the “One World, One UC Davis” campaign.   

In Dr. Applegate's One World story she acknowledges the role of her own UC Davis mentors, including her major professor, Dr. Judith Stern, in helping her reach her career goals. She also credits UC Davis staff artist, Steve Oerding, who has worked with her for almost 20 years helping to enhance her teaching with the use of his "wonderful drawings and animations."

She notes that she hopes her students “will take to heart that each of us has one body to care for — our own — and if you take good care by eating well and being active, our bodies will serve us well.”

Look for Dr. Applegate’s “One World, One UC Davis” campaign banner along Hutchison Drive.