Professional Researchers, Lecturers and Adjunct Faculty

Tara A. Hembrooke, Ph.D.

  • Project Scientist
Dr. Hembrooke's research addresses diet and supplement effects on health, performance, and disease, with a primary focus on the equine population. Areas of interest have included inflammation, oxidative stress, joint support, gastric and gut health, reproductive success, as well as others.

Roberta R. Holt, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Project Scientist
Dr. Holt’s current research interests have focused on defining the metabolic and physiologic effects of the intake of specific foods on the cardiovascular health. This includes examining the relationship between circulating metabolites and vascular and platelet responses.
3202C Meyer Hall

Ming-Fo Hsu, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Project Scientist
Dr. Hsu's research involves studying the molecular basis of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) in metabolic regulation. In particular, he uses state-of-the-art genetic (animal models of human disease), biochemical and pharmacological approaches to investigate the role of PTPs in diabetes and its complications.

Rulan Jiang, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Project Scientist
Dr. Jiang’s research focuses on pediatric nutrition, specifically on absorption and biological roles of bioactive components in human milk, such as lactoferrin and osteopontin. She uses both cell models and animal models to investigate mechanisms by which milk derived bioactive compounds are absorbed and exert their multiple functions. In addition, she is interested in dynamic changes of milk bioactive components throughout lactation in human populations, as well as relationships between the changes and the health outcomes.
3150E Meyer Hall

Katie Adams, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Project Scientist
As an applied microeconomist, Dr. Adams’ research interests are primarily in development economics with a specific focus on maternal and early childhood undernutrition. At the interface of economics and nutrition, her research aims to improve our understanding of human behavior as it relates to health and nutrition and to translate that understanding into informed guidance on policies that improve nutritional and other outcomes in developing countries.

Anna M. Jones, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Project Scientist
Dr. Jones’s research focuses on nutrition in the school environment, including implementation of multicomponent school-based interventions and assessment of nutrition education and training needs of teachers and school nutrition services staff. A secondary focus of her research is the development of valid and reliable survey tools, particularly those that measure nutrition knowledge.
3148 Meyer Hall

Sonja Y. Hess, Ph.D.

  • Research Nutritionist
Dr. Hess' research interests involve the design, implementation and evaluation of programs to control micronutrient deficiencies among children and women in low-income countries, and related issues of nutrient bioavailability, nutrient-nutrient interactions and nutritional assessment. The research program is generally carried out in the context of community-based intervention trials, using an efficacy or effectiveness study design.
3147 Meyer Hall